We use a “Natural” Purifier in the spa. Is this sufficient?

We use a “Natural” Purifier in the spa. Is this sufficient? NO IT IS NOT. These silver or copper based purifiers act as an algaecide in the water. They assist the sanitiser (chlorine or bromine etc.) but cannot replace it. The law stipulates that a sanitiser MUST be measurable and have a residue in the water so that any bacteria … Read More

Can I Just Use Spa Sanitiser?

Is it ok just to use a sanitiser (Spa Chlorine or similar) in my spa? NO. It is extremely important to maintain the water balance on a regular basis. A combination of the pH level, Alkalinity level and Hardness level dictates whether the spa is corrosive, scale forming or balanced. If these levels are mot maintained the water can corrode … Read More

Foamy Spa Water

My Spa water has become foamy and is not clearing up, no matter what I try. What can I do to correct it? Over time spa water builds up with residue of the chemicals used and well as body fats. It can get to a point where the water becomes foamy and doesn’t look good. It is then time to … Read More